Modus Toscana 2013

Modus Toscana 2013
Italy – Tuscany
14.5% ABV
My Rating: 89 points

Whenever I see a Super Tuscan at Costco, I’m inclined to give it a shot. Although Tuscany is home is home to some of the most notable wine regions in Italy, like Chianti, a wine labeled “Toscana” or what we call a Super Tuscan, is usually Sangiovese blended with grapes not indigenous to Italy, which results in some big, rich wines. Modus is no exception; classic Sangiovese is blended with Cabernet and Merlot, with the Merlot really shining through. The acid in the Sangiovese and Merlot make this a comfortable choice for many Italian dishes, and the structured tannins from the Cabernet give it the depth to respond well to dishes with a good dose of umami. Modus is $17 at Costco; a quick search online puts this wine in the $25-$30 range. Decant an hour before serving.

Deep ruby color, full bodied, blueberry and toasted oak. Long drying tannins and medium + acidity.

Pair with: steak, lasagna, bolognese

Recipe pairings:
Perfectly Seared Steakhouse Steaks
Spaghetti Bolognese

From the winemaker:
“Sangiovese (34%) ~ Cabernet (33%) ~ Merlot (33%)
Lush and impressive, elegant and harmonious. Modus is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Each grape variety is packed individually at optimum ripeness and matured in small oak barrels. The name Modus (Latin for ‘method’) refers to the many distinct elements that come together to create this special wine – each depicted in the unique compass logo.”

Averaen Pinot Noir 2015

Averaen Pinot Noir 2015
Oregon – Willamette Valley
14.1% ABV
My Rating: 90 points

Pinot Noir was the first red wine that I can remember enjoying. Lighter bodied than many other red wines, Pinots are a great pairing for poultry. I love the earthiness of Willamette Pinots, although finding a high quality one under $20 can be challenging. Averaen delivers on all fronts. The winemakers from Banshee Wines in Sonoma sourced grapes from throughout Willamette to debut Averaen in 2015, and the quality cannot be beat at this price.

Light garnet, light to medium bodied. Cranberry, a little spice, and earthy

Pair with: roasted chicken, turkey, risotto

Recipe pairings:
Half Roasted Chicken
Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken
Greek Chicken Pizza
Instant Pot Risotto
The Best Damn Turkey Burgers

From the winemaker:
“A mild winter led to early bud break, and early flowering. Weather was perfect around bloom, giving way to excellent fruit set. The hot, dry summer brought accelerated ripening. Warm/early sites came off the vine first week of September, breaking records for red-wine harvest timing. Warm, windy and wet in the middle of September bought us a bonus couple of weeks in cooler, high-elevation sites, yielding more complex, mature flavors in later picks.”